Top 40 men’s shorts patterns that are trending in today’s fashion

1. Chino Shorts: Classic and versatile, chino shorts offer a tailored look with a flat front and clean lines.

2. Cargo Shorts: Functional and casual, cargo shorts feature multiple pockets on the sides for a utilitarian vibe.

3. Denim Shorts: A timeless favorite, denim shorts come in various washes and cuts, offering a rugged yet stylish appearance.

4. Athletic Shorts: Performance-driven and comfortable, athletic shorts are designed for workouts and active lifestyles.

5. Bermuda Shorts: Longer in length, Bermuda shorts provide a sleek and sophisticated option for both casual and semi-formal occasions.

6. Linen Shorts: Lightweight and breathable, linen shorts are perfect for warm weather and exude a relaxed elegance.

7. Sweatshorts: A blend of sweatpants and shorts, sweatshorts offer a comfortable and cozy option for lounging or casual outings.

8. Pleated Shorts: Pleats add a touch of sophistication and volume to shorts, creating a unique visual texture.

9. Tailored Shorts: Similar to dress pants, tailored shorts are refined and sleek, suitable for dressing up or down.

10. Print Shorts: Featuring various patterns and designs, print shorts add a vibrant and playful element to your outfit.

11. Camouflage Shorts: Camo prints are making a strong comeback, offering a rugged and urban aesthetic.

12. Seersucker Shorts: Lightweight and textured, seersucker shorts provide a preppy and summery vibe.

13. Drawstring Shorts: Casual and comfortable, drawstring shorts offer an adjustable waist and a laid-back look.

14. Swim Trunks: Designed for the beach or pool, swim trunks come in a variety of lengths and patterns to suit your style.

15. Plaid Shorts: Plaid patterns offer a classic and versatile option that can be dressed up or down.

16. Retro Shorts: Embracing vintage vibes, retro shorts feature throwback designs, colors, and prints.

17. Color-Blocked Shorts: Color-blocking adds a modern and dynamic twist to shorts, creating visually interesting contrasts.

18. Patchwork Shorts: Patchwork designs combine different fabrics or patterns, creating a unique and artistic appearance.

19. Embroidered Shorts: Embroidery adds intricate details to shorts, showcasing personalized or decorative elements.

20. Leather Shorts: Edgy and unconventional, leather shorts make a bold fashion statement and are perfect for daring looks.

21. Floral Shorts: Embrace nature-inspired designs with floral patterns that bring a refreshing and vibrant touch to your summer wardrobe.

22. Patch Pocket Shorts: Featuring large patch pockets on the front or back, these shorts add a touch of functionality and visual interest.

23. Acid Wash Shorts: A throwback to the ’80s, acid wash shorts offer a distinctive and faded appearance that adds a vintage edge.

24. Ripped Denim Shorts: Distressed and ripped details on denim shorts provide an edgy and urban look that’s popular among the fashion-forward.

25. Retro Sports Shorts: Inspired by retro sports uniforms, these shorts often feature bold stripes and vibrant colors for a sporty and nostalgic feel.

26. Tropical Print Shorts: Transport yourself to a tropical paradise with shorts adorned in palm leaves, exotic flowers, and beachy motifs.

27. Pinstripe Shorts: Pinstripes offer a touch of sophistication and formality to shorts, making them suitable for dressier occasions.

28. Two-Tone Shorts: Featuring contrasting colors or fabrics for the waistband and body, two-tone shorts create a dynamic visual effect.

29. Checked Shorts: Classic and versatile, checked patterns range from subtle to bold, allowing you to tailor the level of statement you make.

30. Vintage Wash Shorts: Achieve a worn-in look with vintage wash shorts that exude a lived-in and comfortable aesthetic.

31. Drawstring Linen Shorts: Combine the casual comfort of drawstring shorts with the breathability of linen fabric for the ultimate summer staple.

32. High-Waisted Shorts: Offering a retro-inspired silhouette, high-waisted shorts can elongate the legs and create a unique visual impact.

33. Frayed Hem Shorts: Featuring unfinished and frayed hems, these shorts provide an effortlessly cool and laid-back vibe.

34. Paperbag Waist Shorts: With a gathered and cinched waist, paperbag waist shorts offer a touch of texture and sophistication.

35. Striped Shorts: Stripes come in various widths and directions, allowing you to experiment with patterns that suit your personal style.

36. Tie-Dye Shorts: Channel a bohemian and artistic vibe with tie-dye patterns that offer a burst of color and individuality.

37. Tribal Print Shorts: Featuring tribal-inspired motifs and geometric patterns, these shorts add a cultural and global aesthetic.

38. Vintage Cargo Shorts: Bringing back the ’90s, vintage cargo shorts offer a nostalgic and functional look with their numerous pockets.

39. Ombre Shorts: Gradually transitioning colors create an ombre effect, adding depth and dimension to your shorts.

40. Houndstooth Shorts: Classic and sophisticated, houndstooth patterns offer a refined touch to your shorts ensemble.

With these additional men’s shorts patterns, you have an even wider array of choices to explore, ensuring you’ll find the perfect pair that resonates with your style and suits various occasions.

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