plain tshirt manufacturer in tirupur

plain tshirt manufacturer in tirupur


Plain t-shirts, also known as blank or basic t-shirts without any prints. These tshirts typically have a solid color , easy to customization for individuals, businesses, and organizations looking to add their own designs, logos, or any artwork  for expressing personal style or promoting brands. Plain t-shirts are often considered wardrobe essential.

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Hub of Textiles industries in tirupur

Knitwear Capita is hub of textile industries The city’s manufacturers are renowned for producing high-quality, comfortable, and fashionable plain t-shirts ,Many  people called as textiles  boss, because  of skilled worker we have in tirupur can do design to final production  process. Everyone in Tirupur works together, from the people who make the fabric to those who design the clothes. Teamwork is key, and they share ideas and help each other out. the traditions still alive. They use old techniques passed down through families, but they also love trying new things. It’s like mixing the best of the past and the present together.

Types Of Fabric for plain Tshirts

Fabric Type Description
Cotton Classic, soft, and breathable fabric for everyday comfort.
Organic Cotton Sustainable option grown without harmful chemicals.
Polyester Durable and wrinkle-resistant, often blended for strength.
Poly-Cotton Blend Mixture of polyester and cotton, combining comfort and durability.
Jersey Smooth and stretchy fabric, providing a comfortable fit.
Pima Cotton High-quality cotton known for softness and durability.
Linen Blend Breathable and lightweight, with reduced wrinkles.
Bamboo Eco-friendly fabric with natural moisture-wicking properties.
Modal Derived from beech trees, offers a silky and luxurious feel.
Tencel (Lyocell) Sustainable fabric made from wood pulp, soft and breathable.
Spandex (Lycra) Adds elasticity for stretch and recovery, ideal for fitted styles.
Viscose (Rayon) Semi-synthetic, provides a smooth and soft texture


Quality of Fabric

quality of plain t-shirt fabric depend on comfort, durability, fit  and overall appeal of the garments, The type of fabric used, such as cotton, polyester, or blends, significantly influences the quality. Cotton is often preferred for its softness, breathability, and natural feel. Higher thread counts indicates fabric smoothness and softness, Where as fabric weight is known as GSM(grams per square meter) through which we can understand thickness and durability of tshirts, Light fabric is suitable for summer whereas heavy fabric suitable for warmer climate.The finishing processes, such as pre-shrinking or enzyme washing, contribute to the fabric’s feel and appearance. Quality finishing enhances softness and reduces the likelihood of shrinkage. A high-quality plain t-shirt should maintain the color  after multiple washes. Color fastness is an indicator of how well the fabric retains its color over time. Pilling resistance is also crucial to prevent the formation of fabric pills or fuzz.The tactile feel of the fabric against the skin is a key aspect of quality. Soft and comfortable fabric enhances the overall wearing experience.

T-Shirt Measurement Chart:

Size Chest Width (inches) Length (inches)
Small 18 – 19 28 – 29
Medium 20 – 21 29 – 30
Large 22 – 23 30 – 31
XLarge 24 – 25 31 – 32
XXLarge 26 – 27 32 – 33
wash care instruction:
Wash Care Step Details
Machine Wash Use a gentle or delicate cycle for plain t-shirts to prevent excessive wear and tear on the fabric.
Water Temperature Wash t-shirts in cold water to preserve colors and prevent shrinkage. Hot water can lead to fading.
Detergent Choice Opt for a mild detergent to avoid harsh chemicals. Eco-friendly or sensitive skin detergents are recommended.
Turn Inside Out Protect the outer surface and designs by turning plain t-shirts inside out before washing.
Avoid Bleach Skip bleach to prevent fiber weakening and color fading. Use color-safe bleach if necessary.
Separate Colors Wash colored t-shirts separately to avoid color bleeding. Sorting by color helps maintain vibrancy.
Gentle Spin Cycle Choose a gentle or low spin cycle to minimize stress on the fabric. High spin speeds can lead to wrinkling.
Air Dry or Low Heat Air drying is gentle; for a dryer, use a low heat setting to prevent shrinkage and preserve the fabric.
Prompt Removal Remove t-shirts promptly from the washing machine or dryer to avoid wrinkles and creases.
Avoid Overloading Do not overload the washing machine; ensure t-shirts have enough space for thorough cleaning and rinsing.
Handle Stains Promptly Treat stains promptly before washing; avoid harsh stain removers that may damage the fabric.
Store Properly Fold t-shirts neatly when storing to prevent wrinkles. Avoid prolonged hanging, as it can stretch the fabric.
Check Care Labels Always check the care labels on plain t-shirts for manufacturer-specific instructions on the best care.


Gunja Textiles stands as a prominent player in the vibrant textile landscape of Tirupur, a city renowned for its textile and garment manufacturing Specializing in the customization of t-shirts,

Key Features

  • Custom Design Expertise
  • Quality Fabric Selection
  • Timely Delivery
  • Affordable Price

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